I am a documentarian interested in emotionally charged stories with a  strong narrative, often shedding light on human rights issues. 

My first feature documentary film titled 'Skylight,' currently in pre-production,  delves into the lives of the inhabitants of a patio in Lisbon, and is being developed with the support of Portuguese documentary film producer Real Ficção.

I have worked with numerous international outlets including TIME, the Observer, the Atlantic, Sunday Times, Culture Trip, News Deeply, BBC and the New York Times.

Some of the issues I have covered include Portugal ending its war on drugs, the consequences of Brexit, Cuba after Castro, initiatives to combat domestic violence and tension in Catalonia amid independence turmoil. 

I studied Journalism with Psychology at City, University of London and later took a course in Documentary directing at the EICTV film school in Cuba. I've also attended several masterclasses and workshops in documentary filmmaking throughout the past years. 

When I'm not writing or shooting, I can be found practising contemporary dance, hanging out with friends or collecting sea shells.

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