Financial Times: Paula Rego’s dazzling and radical visions

How Rego's religiously inspired works hand power to women.

Magnum Photos: René Burri’s Color Works

Exoloring Burri's photographer's lesser known works in color.

British Journal of Photography: Solitary figures amid desolate landscapes in Nadav Kander’s latest series

How Kander revisited miniature figures from his childhood on a meditation on the state of the world.

'Big Witches' survive eviction in Portugal to become trans music stars

How Áquila Correia founded Casa T to house trans migrants after getting evicted.

Want to know how Portugal won its War on Drugs? It ended it

The effects of Portugal having decriminalised drugs in 2001.

“Microdoses” of Psychedelic Drugs Could Cure Depression

How hallucinogens could become the answer for some people with depression.

British Journal of Photography: Newsha Tavakolian channels the effects of Premenstrual Syndrome in her latest short film

Newsha Tavakolian’s experience of Premenstrual Syndrome led her to make  the short film 'For the Sake of Calmness'.

British Journal of Photography: Any Answers: Graciela Iturbide 

A Q&A with the Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide, one of the most influential Latin American photographer of the past four decades.

News Deeply: ‘It is Scary to See How the World Can Change in One Night’

Trump’s ban on the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. threw lives into chaos.

Portugal Turns to Prevention to Take on Its Domestic Violence Problem

How the Portuguese government is focusing on prevention and education.

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